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EuroDur 3S windows and doors, for all life

Eurodur 3S window profile system is the synthesis of the technical progress of KÖMMERLING after years of experience in Europe, in the field of PVC profiles.
With a wide range of models and accessories, Eurodur 3S system highlights because of its great flexibility, allowing it to adapt to all circumstances.
The design of these profiles allows it to adapt to all styles, from restoration one to more modern styles.

Thermal insulation

PVC conductivity is much lower than the aluminum one and allows to obtain excellent values of thermal transmittance. The value U of Eurodur 3S profiles does not exceed the 1’7 W / m2 ° K.

Acoustic insulation

Excellent values of permeability of this system thanks to its double seal gasket allow that, with a proper glass, high levels of sound insulation are obtained and it may reach up to 45db of noise reduction.

Strength and security

Galvanized steel reinforcements ensure the resistance and good performance of the window and may withstand the weight of thick safety glass. In addition, high quality fittings that provide safety and tightness to the carpentry may be installed. The robustness of the system allows you to create windows and doors of large dimensions without compromising its resistance to impact.

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