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EuroFutur Elegance

With EuroFutur® Elegance system  itis possible the manufacture of entrance doors, opening outside or inside, with the same design and finish as windows.

PVC is a material of great solidity and resistance, making it ideal for the manufacture of doors. In addition, EuroFutur Elegance profiles incorporate all the technological advances necessary for the manufacture of doors protected against theft, solidly reinforced with steel.

Thermal and acoustic insulation

Doors manufactured with EuroFutur Elegance offer a high level of thermal and acoustic insulation. The wingspan of the profiles allows you to install thick glass and reinforcements of high inertia.

Strength and security

Profiles for the manufacture of entrance doors are fitted with reinforcements of great inertia. The corners are reinforced with weldable PVC brackets to improve the strength and better support efforts.

Entrance doors made of KÖMMERLING profiles are able to offer the best protection against theft, using the most suitable iron-work.

At the bottom, the usual is the placement of a threshold of aluminum that protrude a minimum distance of the dimension of soil, but allowing a hermetic closure.

Accessories and padding elements

Made the frame, it is necessary to define the fill element. Some fill options:

Panels and plates: there are many fill solutions as a tongue and groove joint Komapan, KÖMMERLING PVC panels or other kinds of panels and glass available in the market. The thickness of these filler items can be up to 31 mm.

Mastiff panels: With Mastiff you can design your own front door panel: ornaments on one or two sides, with or without glass, as well as choosing the type of glass and the color of the panel. In addition to the usual white color, there is choice of wood laminated panels in plain colors or finishes is offered.

Door profile

EuroFutur profile door reaches 82 mm thickness. It is designed to withstand heavy weights and integrates high-inertia reinforcements.

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